Building Better Projects is Just the Beginning

Starta provides a comprehensive suite of hosted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services that manage documentation, information, communication, and projects for all communities in your Affordable Housing development portfolio. The Starta System is unique among ERP systems due to its low cost, hosted nature, and ability to easily extend not only to all your internal departments, but also to external partners and vendors.

Proven Success with Starta Solutions

NAHT, a Starta client:

STARTA was very helpful in our recent applications submission. After completing most of the application, the original application and all copies were sent to Cincinnati for completion. Unfortunately, due to a shipper error, our binders were sent to Wisconsin. The application was due the next day and could not be returned to us in time to meet the submission deadline. At this point it was clear that we needed to reproduce the 3 days of work that was already done and finish the application in less than twelve hours.

To our amazement we were able to completely recreate what we had already shipped by lunch time! Before starting the application, a document checklist of the application was created in STARTA and all documents were uploaded to it. Having the application saved and the tabs ordered the way they appeared in the application was critical to reproducing the application in such a short amount of time. All that needed to be done was to point and click. Individuals who had no previous knowledge of the application were able to get involved and add capacity to the team to finish the missing pieces. Through a tremendous team effort and the help of STARTA a crisis was averted. GO TEAM NAHT!